Sam’s set isn’t just a regular one! He likes to distinguish himself from the rest and that’s why he put the following into his show. In this way the crowd and the booker/organization will enjoy the show! It’s not only about the music. I will bring confetti shooters, CO2 canons and my merchandise!

Get ready for Sam Louis! The Dutch DJ who was born in a place called Leeuwarden, ,1998. Sam is really passionate about music and loves to turn the tables, loves to make people happy and get them to party. You may know him from his set at the ADE, Dancetour 2016 and his summer tour in Spain! The one thing that Sam isn’t, is that he’s not a particular DJ like any other. So he doesn’t want to have a biography like any other where he tells about himself, since he thinks that’s &%%^*#$(. Just check out his socials, listen to his mixes and you know how Sam is.